How To Be A Magnetically Attractive Man:
Rewriting Your Genetic Destiny


You probably know that to become a man like I mentioned in the last page you will have to change your core personality...


To change your core personality and reprogram your evolutionary hardwiring of many thousands of years, you'll have to spend a substantial amount of time studying and practicing and it's not going to be an easy process to follow.


You know it's going to take time, energy and lots of patience for you to see some deep changes within you.


You know that's true and you are willing to put in that time and effort right?




This program has been specifically designed to bypass all that, cut down on years of trials and errors, and produce results for you so fast that will appear to many like magic!


This program has been designed to re-program your mind on all 3 levels: physical, logical, emotional.


Module 1: Hypnotic Age Regression At the very beginning it goes deep into your belief system and de-programs you of all the erroneous programming. As most of our erroneous programming is installed before age 12, we will go all the way back and undo what damage has been done when you were only a child. This is done with the help of clinical hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. The power of hypnosis is that it can access our subconscious mind in a way that nothing else can. We will be using its full power in this module and then some.


Module 2: Core Training The second part of the program is nearly 9 hours of mind-bending, cutting edge coaching directly from me that will change the way you look at love, attraction, social dynamics and romantic relationships forever (you will find details below). And


Module 3: Daily Mind Programming This is the part that will ensure that you forget nothing of what you have learned in this program and actually take action. One of the biggest problems of any kind of new learning is that we tend to forget much of it very fast and go back to our old ways of doing things in matter of days. Not so with this program. In the mind programming session Awakening The Inner Man, we will take the most powerful concepts from the core training module, blend it with the most transformational tool ever known to man - Digital Hypnosis (real hypnotic induction combined with brain entrainment technology) - and then almost hand feed you in a capsule form.


The result? A brand new you in matter of days, if not hours. And if you can consistently use this killer combo for a few weeks, who you will become will be something completely unbelievable right now.


Could This Truly Be The Beginning Of

A Brand New Life For You? Let Us Find Out...


Now that you have an idea of what to expect from this program, let us try to figure out how valuable will it be for you. Can you really benefit from it? Believe it or not, it is not my intention to sell you a product purely through marketing techniques. If you know a bit of my background and how I came to create this product, you know I am not doing this for the money.


Yes, money is welcome for I have definitely put more effort, research, time, money and energy than I have ever done before on any of my other products. But that is not to say that I am doing this for the money.


My intention has been to create the very first home study course that goes uncovers the specific mental traits that has been driving the history of our evolution for time immemorial. To help men discover what those specific mental traits are that women find so helplessly attractive and naturally awaken those traits within their personality. To help men around the world awaken the hero that sleeps within each one of us


And I want to ensure that you truly benefit from this program and use it in your life in the way I originally envisioned for you. Only then I can say I have been successful.


So what is this program worth to you?


What would it be worth to you being trained by one of the top coaches in the world on triggering the attraction switches of virtually any woman in a way that gets her attracted to you automatically, naturally and almost helplessly?


What is the price you are willing to pay to get her total, undivided, undiluted attention and devotion?


What are you willing to do for never having to worry about losing her to another guy, ever again?


What is the training worth to you that helps you turn yourself into the man (almost overnight) who is not only the center of her world, but also the man her friends respect, admire (and secretly want to be with)?


What is the worth of all this for you?


Really, think about it if you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that investing in this program and seriously going through it will forever change your life in the ways I just mentioned, help you find and keep the true love of your life how much money would you be willing to invest?


Let me help you with making that decision


  • Think of all the days of fighting with your wife or girlfriend.

  • Think of the loneliness of sitting alone in your apartment too tired to go to a club and having no one to call on the phone.

  • Think of the fear and jealousy that comes with the possibility of losing her to the other man.

  • Think of the disrespect or indifference from her friends


What is it worth to you for never feeling any of those ever again?


  • Now think of the shiny car you bought that impressed no one.

  • All the gifts you bought trying to impress that special woman who only became even more difficult after “everything you did for her"

  • Hundreds of dollars worth of colognes that did not get you that hot chick in the club.

  • All the cigarettes and alcohol that did not make you look cool.

  • All the pickup lines from movies that you could not remember in the right time


How much money did you spend on all that so far in your life? $1000-$5000-$10,000? Or is it even more?


If you have ever felt inadequate or not good enough and feared that she will choose the other guy instead of you, you know that it's the worst feeling in the world that a man can feel. And let me assure you, that very feeling of inadequacy in a man is what repels a woman like nothing else.


What I am here to tell you is...


All Of These Problems Are So Easy To Fix
That It's Not Even Funny!


First, you need to do some inner work in deprogramming all the false beliefs and misconceptions installed within you right from your childhood. This is something NO PROGRAM like this has ever addressed before (at the time of this writing). Almost all self help and personal development programs simply teach many new concepts without ever realizing: unless the old programming has been de-programmed first, nothing new will stick!


Module 1 of this program will help you do this easily and quickly with powerful hypnotic age regression. No need to spend 20 sessions with a psychoanalyst spending thousands of dollars.


Second, you need to learn the right concepts and get very clear about what exactly does work, why it works and how to ensure that you consistently take action in a way that guarantees results. The core of this program is Module 2 that will forever change the way you think and act. 


Third, you need to make sure that you forget none of what you have learned and do not go back to your old ways of doing things. Module 3 was designed specifically for this purpose. This is the daily supercharger session Awakening The Inner Man. No more guess work involved, no more learn 100 clever things today and forget 96 of them by next week. No more memorizing pickup lines. No more having your mind go blank when you are looking into the eyes of that special someone. No more doing the same things over and over expecting different results.


Why Most Self-Help Programs Fail To

Create Any Lasting Change and

What To Do About It?


Over the years, I think I have spent at least $50,000-60,000 going to self help seminars and workshops, buying books, CDs and DVDs, and traveling to four corners of the world seeking out teachers. I have been blessed that I could study with the very best teacher and trainers in the world. And while they all helped in one way or the other, to be very honest, about 90% of all the stuff I have gone through had a very low return on investment.


These are the typical 3 scenarios I'd find myself in...


  • The program would have a lot of hype and entertainment, somewhat like a mix between a rock n' roll concert and free motivational talk, but very low on substance. For every 2 hours of talk and anecdotes and activities, there would be one sentence that I could write down on my notepad. These are good (and expensive) entertainment, better than watching an action movie, but the lowest return on investment of time and money. This would be 90% of the self-improvement stuff available on the market.


  • The second type of program would have a lot of information, a whole lot of motivation, and by the time you come out of it, you'd be totally psyched about all the possibilities that await you. These programs have the best reviews because the teacher usually have a way of really inspiring the students, while they are in the program. This would be the top 9% of the market. The problem with this type of program is, although they have a lot of substance, the teacher makes the mistake of confusing motivation with results. He forgets that just because the student is all motivated right now, he will soon lose that motivation and go back to his old ways of being by next week. Unless there is some way of reinforcing what he has learned, all this motivation and inspiration is almost worthless. Since most teachers don't have the tools or the technology to ensure this, the student goes back home (or turns off the recording) feeling this time, everything will change! Of course, change happens, but so little that's its almost negligible.


  • The last 1% type is usually conducted by a gifted teacher who is able to somehow alter the subconscious of the students in ways usually neither the teacher nor the student understands. In this case, the teacher typically speaks little, but stirs the depths of the student's being in some mystical way. Obviously, these are the hardest to find and money usually cannot buy it. Yet, the problem with this sort of programs is that it usually has a very narrow focus and is entirely dependant upon the teacher. The student has little say in this process even if he is able to find a teacher like that.


So what is the common problem in all these 3 categories? Retention and transformation. Sometimes there is a lot of information but very little retention. Some other times there is a lot of information but very little transformation. Some other times there is transformation but it is in such limited scope, that its negligible. And finally, as in the case of that 1% of the gifted teachers, there is major transformation but either you cannot find these teachers, or you cannot choose what you want to learn.


This program solves all these problems in ways you have never seen before! This is as close as you get to turning frogs into princes.


How Frogs Turn Into Princes


For transformation to occur, change has to happen on multiple levels. First there is


Insight: When you have a new way of thinking and it really makes sense. “Now I get it! For example, maybe a friend or an ex-girlfriend explains to you how women think and what she actually wants and it makes sense to you.


Action: When we begin to take action based on that insight.


Transformation: This is when a human being changes their self image. When he does that, a ripple effect happens and many behaviors change and many insights begin to happen on their own.


Our work in this program will be on all 3 levels.


For insights you will go through nearly 9 hours of focused training on the 5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men. We will strip it down, dissect and go through each of the mindsets...


  • Why they are important, their historical and evolutionary backgrounds.

  • Discoveries in human needs psychology and human mating behaviors.

  • How these mindsets are playing critical roles in our present day life.

  • The amazing breakthrough insights of recent years.

  • Real life examples of students who have already used this program and reported their experience.

  • And finally how to implement these mindsets within your personality in a very natural way.


For action you will be guided through step by step exercises that are easy to follow for anyone and doing them systematically will produce results beyond belief. Following the simple instructions and taking baby steps each day of the program will automatically help you install these powerful mindsets within you in matter of days.


For transformation this program goes to a level that no other training program that I personally know of has ever gone before. As already mentioned, this training program is divided into 3 parts:


  • Module 1: Hypnotic Age Regression This is the part that we change your self image and deprogram all the erroneous childhood programming. This is the part we wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start.


  • Module 2: Core Training This is the part you learn all the why, what, how and how specifically. Over 14 hours of intense coaching to change the way you view attraction and romantic relationships forever.


  • Module 3: Daily Super-Charger & Mind Programming This part works in two levels. First, it will ensure you forget NONE of the critically important ideas by repeating them to you daily. And second, by deeply embedding within your subconscious the powerful principles you have learned throughout the program. As you will see, learning new tricks is great, but when you change the very framework of your belief system, attracting the right woman becomes effortless. (If you believe in Law of Attraction - the metaphysical one - expect to see some mind boggling results with this!)


How This Is UNLIKE Anything Else You Have Experienced Before



Module 1: Hypnotic Age Regression


Duration: 35 Minutes


In this part you will be guided deep into your subconscious mind to uncover all the erroneous programming that prevents you having the success you want in your relationships and life. As you have already learned here, most of our self defeating behavior is a result of our self image. And our self image is created mostly before we were age 12.


In this part, we will work on the most core part of our being: the inner child. Expect to be overwhelmed, expect to cry, expect to feel pain, but above all expect freedom from a lifetime of fear and limitation.


The session you will experience here is the result of hundreds of hours of working with people with many critical problems like phobias, depression and much more. Hundreds before you have experienced miraculous results in their lives. And you will too.





Module 2: Core Training


Duration: 9 Hours


With nearly 9 hours of focused training and step by step guidance on attraction, evolutionary psychology, seduction and mindsets of magnetically masculine men, you will truly be a PhD of romantic relationships. Here is a very partial list of what you will learn here (in random order):



How to quickly and efficiently determine her need structure and ensure that you are fulfilling her dominant needs every time she is with you (Warning: this may cause a person to become addicted to you).

How to turn your long term relationship or marriage into a sizzling, passionate, romantic dance (even if you are already considering getting divorced).
The top 2 qualities that women look for in a man (and fascinating ways that men display those traits in courtship situations).
The essence of masculine and feminine energy (and how to create that delicious, seductive polarity of sexual energy).
How to approach random women of your interest in bars, shopping malls and other public places. What to say, how to approach, how to take it from one level to another. Step by step instructions to walk you through the whole process.
How to get her interest back, even if you have lost her to another man (this is cure for the terminally ill relationships).
How to get her friends to not only like you, but respect you and even want to be with you.
Step by step instruction if your partner has left you for another man. How to get her back within matter of weeks.
How the ancient principles of evolution works in the modern world and how we are hardwired to feel attraction towards certain people (and get repulsed by the others, and why).
How to be the funniest man she has ever met (even if you never tell any jokes).
How to instantly convey your higher status to her in a way she actually mistakes you as a celebrity or a rock star! A few simple words are all you need.

11 Powerful lessons of advanced social intelligence and how to be the man that everyone gravitate towards regardless of gender, age or relationship.
How to have the undivided attention and devotion from your wife or girlfriend.
How our brain evolved and how different parts of the brain rules courtship situations (and how to easily dominate the woman's emotional brain.
How to be the center of HER social circle.
The ONE trait that she looks for in a man she want to marry. This is the critical element that causes many successful men to have many dates but never end up having a meaningful relationship. Without this ONE trait present, or without you being able to display to her your high potential for this trait, she will always keep looking for Mr Right (which, in her eyes, obviously isn't you).

3 primary components necessary for a woman feel comfortable in committing to a relationship. Leave out one of these 3, and she will never be comfortable enough to commit.
How to act, behave, speak and react in difficult social situations, especially in front of her. Make the mistake of acting a certain way and she instantly knows you are not worth her time.
How she can quickly tell if you have a violent personality or potential for abuse or rape (and how sometimes we make women think like that just by following movies or books we read). Hint: big muscles and intimidating people is not always sexy.
How the emotional brain can take over the neural system and totally override the logical brain in moments of intimacy (and how to use it to your own benefit).
Why accepting second class behavior from her can be a death nail in your seduction efforts (and how to politely ensure that she NEVER makes that mistake with you).
Why you need to always prioritize your mission first and ignoring this will cause her to quickly begin to torture you (especially if she is in a long term relationship with you).
Why you should never give in to your woman just to make things easier.
A quick and easy to remember exercise on “how NOT to get dazzled by a woman you just met, no matter how beautiful or smart she is.
Why having her laugh at your jokes constantly is actually a sure shot formula for ZERO results.
How to make her WANT you, with a simple pattern of conversation that's both enjoyable and funny.
How to uncover and illuminate your own shadow side (this alone will change your life forever).
And much much more the above list is just a small sample of what is in this module.






Module 3: Awakening The Inner Man


Duration: 45 minutes


This session was designed to work on two levels:


First, to ensure that you forget none of the critical concepts. We take out any guesswork and fancy hopes from this process by taking the most powerful concepts of this program, compress it in one session and repeating it to you daily. But do we stop there? No we don't!


We not only take the most powerful concepts and combine them together, we also blend this whole session with light hypnotic induction and brain entrainment technology (Digital Hypnosis)! This is to ensure that what you are hearing actually goes deep into your subconscious for maximum results. This way, just after few days of repeated listening, you will NEVER forget what you have learned. This is the most cutting edge learning technique known to man.


(More information on what is Digital Hypnosis is given below.)


Second, repeated listening of this session will not only help you remember all the key concepts from the core training program, but also change your deep subconscious belief system very fast. While learning new concepts is always helpful, when you change your self image and belief system, the result is what appears like magic!


Expect your friends, lovers, enemies and loved ones, all to be very surprised by the new and improved YOU!





Module 4: Way Of The Warrior


Duration: 50 Minutes


This last module, called “Way Of The Warrior" is to the main program what Quantum Physics is to high school physics. It addresses the same subject but its worlds apart. This part is much deeper, focuses on the spiritual aspects of masculinity, and your role in a greater scheme of life. Subtitled: From Sex to Superconsciousness... this is your tool to connect with higher realms of your being.


I'll tell you myself, if you are person just beginning to take control of your love life, still struggling to figure out how attraction works and what life is all about, this module will probably make little sense to you at this moment in time. But as you mature more and more, as you listen to the mind programming session over and over, you will see this module slowly begin to make sense.  


This module is meant to be used once in a while every other week or even month when you really need it. In moments when you are seeking answers to some deeper questions in life, need some guidance at some critical moment of decision making, feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of everyday life... come back to this module and listen to it.


Every time you experience this powerful session, you will find yourself feeling more and more awakened and comfortable within your own skin and enjoying your powerful sense of masculinity.





Transformation That Looks Like Magic,

Works Like Magic, But Really Its

Pure Scientific Innovation...


A few years back I became aware of something you may have heard too: a strange new field of knowledge called brainwave entrainment technology. Simply put its delivering slow beats of music that mimics different ranges of brainwave patterns.


What this technology promised was that if you wanted to reach deep levels of meditation, you could simply plug in one of these “binaural beat" CDs and in moments reach levels that normally takes years for a normal meditator to reach. How did they do this?


They achieved this by using a tendency of the brain called frequency following response which shows that the human brain has a tendency to change its EEG frequency in response to the frequency of a dominant external stimulus, in this case the specially designed music its hearing and in everyday scenario whatever is going on around us. (Which should explain to you why we are so affected by the environment and moods of people we are surrounded by.)


So what are the brainwave patterns and why is it important? You know there is the...




What research also found is that, used frequently, a corresponding increase in balance between the two hemispheres of the brain begin to happen. This more balanced brain state is called brain synchronization.


As the brain waves slow into a more "coherent pattern" and the brain balances, you more and more tap into what scientists call whole-brain thinking, or whole-brain functioning, using both sides of the brain to think, instead of using one side at a time, as we usually do. It gives you a new kind of awareness, a new perspective-a view from a higher spot on the mountain.

This type of brain function has been associated with geniuses like the Einsteins and Mozarts of the world and also very experienced meditators who spend many years under tutelage of advanced masters.


Being a professional Hypnotherapist, at first I was skeptic (also the fact that I had been slowly progressing with meditation for years in the traditional way didn't help so much). But as soon as I put my professional ego problems on the side, I found that it actually does work, and it works wonders! Almost instantly a proper recording with binaural beats embedded within it can pull the brainwaves of listener to all the way to delta level. Something that's unthinkable even after a year of regular meditation for most people.


This is what a brainwave entrainment embedded music looks like


The Birth Of Digital Hypnosis!


I began using brain entrainment technology mostly for meditation purposes and had great results with it. Yet it wasn't until last year that I finally put the two together and realized that I had hit upon, what probably is, the most powerful and effective transformational tool ever devised by man.


For the first time, I layered professional hypnotic induction with brain entrainment technology!


Amazingly enough, this new combination, Digital Hypnosis as I like to call it, is in many ways more effective than normal hypnosis and also only brainwave entrainment technology.


In normal clinical hypnotherapy, you cannot use binaural beats or brainwave synchronization because you need headphones for that. And with brainwave entrainment... well, nobody seems to be have figured out the use of real hypnotic induction along with brain entrainment technology until now (of course there are some recordings that use brainwave synchronization and also speak a few words of relaxation, but that's as much real hypnosis as McDonalds is gourmet dinner). 


But what would I do with this? How would I use it to help people? Well, the most obvious choice was to use it for meditation purposes. But pure meditation is something that cannot use the full power of this new double layered technology (because in pure meditation you cannot install new ideas or programming in the mind but go into a mindless state altogether... but that's not for now).


I used it to create one of the most powerful meditation programs in the market, but there was way too much more that could be done with this new technology. This could supercharge a person with fantastic positive mind programming, take him or her to a level of...


Magnetically Attractive Man


Whether or not you realize this, the truth is that you probably have more natural potential than you could use if you lived one hundred lifetimes. Whatever you have accomplished up until now is only a small fraction of what is truly possible for you. The trick is to unlock that hidden potential and use it.


That's where the Module 3 of this program comes in. It is a daily listening program that is powered by two of the most powerful transformational tools known to man: professional hypnosis and brain entrainment technology.


The Module 3 of this program: Awakening The Inner Man is designed to first take you to a very deep altered state of consciousness and then to install some of the most powerful principles of seduction and attraction to help you move forward faster than you could ever hope.


You have to take risks... We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen. Every day, God gives us the sun--and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything that makes us unhappy.


Every day, we try to pretend that we haven't perceived that moment, that it doesn't exist--that today is the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow. But if people really pay attention to their everyday lives, they will discover that magic moment.


It may arrive in the instant when we are doing something mundane, like putting our front-door key in the lock; it may lie hidden in the quiet that follows the lunch hour or in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us. But that moment exists--a moment when all the power of the stars becomes a part of us and enables us to perform miracles.


~ Paulo Coelho


Paulo Coelho (Born 1947): Internationally bestselling and award-winning author from Brazil.



Who Will You Be 10 Years From Now?

A Tired Man Still Struggling With Life?

Or A Hero Celebrating His Journey?

Your Choice!


Imagine being able to maintain your intimate relationship in a way that remains vibrant and sizzling even after many years.


Imagine turning your present relationships 180 degrees around in a way that you become the man your woman looks at with a combination of deep respect and helpless attraction.


Imagine becoming that man who is not only admired by your intimate partner but by her friends and family as well. Imagine being a Hero... for your woman, your family, your community, the world.


Imagine having her total devotion, admiration and respect, her undiluted undivided attention, be the center of her world, not in a forced artificially created situation, but by being the man she is totally and hopelessly in love with


Imagine being full of passion and enthusiasm, almost to the point of being unstoppable it's like the first time you fell in love.


Imagine not only knowing the right principles, but almost being compelled from within to take consistent action based on the principles (this is where 9 out of 10 students of success fail).


Imagine being able to feel like this everyday, just by listening to a recording in the morning, only to come out of it with a huge smile on your face, like you are the king of the world. And then going about your day...


Do you think that will make a difference in your life?


Do you think you could use some of that positive energy, wisdom and enthusiasm?


Do you think you could cut down on a few years of unfocused dilly dallying and experimenting with the help of this kind of a powerful tool?


If you answered YES! then today is your lucky day. Powerful and structured learning opportunities don't come around everyday...





The price for this life changing home study course is $97


*This home study course is mp3 download. Upon payment, you will be taken to your download page instantly. There are no physical products to ship. You will be able to begin listening to the program within 5 minutes of your purchase.  

**As usual your order is backed up with our iron clad money back guarantee for 60 days. If you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just ask for a refund and you will get your money back within 48 hours.





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How to Meet Attract and Seduce the Women You Desire is a no-fluff guide to achieving exactly that.


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Author Christopher Westra Says...

"...I was pleasantly surprised by the research and the principles, as well as the beautiful and even poetic presentation."


Thank you for creating the 5 Mindsets of Magnetically Attractive Men.

I was a little dubious at first, and thought it may just be hype.  I was pleasantly surprised by the research and the principles, as well as the beautiful and even poetic presentation.

As far as being useful, I know it is because I put the skills into practice. I've had 7 dates in just 3 weeks, and I've got 4 planned already for next week.  I've had FUN dating because of my confidence.

Knowing what women really want really gives you a super sense of security and self-confidence, which appeals to women.

Your description of WHY women love a great sense of humor, and what it means for them, makes a lot of sense.

I really enjoyed that the course is presented in audio format, which makes it so easy to listen to anywhere, rather than having to find time to read it all.

Thanks again,

Christopher Westra
Author of "I Create Reality"



Guitarist Christopher Lord Says...


"Each day is now exciting and my desire, direction and focus are ever more strengthened."


Hello Shafin!

Your 5 Mindsets program has caused great things to happen in my life!

Each day is now exciting and my desire, direction and focus are ever more strengthened. I appreciate all of the hard work you have put into this program!

I am forever grateful for you and how you have given me the tools to reach further into myself than ever before!


Christopher Lord


Fabio Says...

"...this is not just about attracting a woman but redefining entire life!"


Hi Shafin

First i must say i found your "5 Essential Mindsets" program one of the best in the field. As you say this is not just about attracting a woman but redefining entire life!!!

I found the first hypnosis session to be great. I had some problem with the 1 hour session though, it is too long for me to stay focused the whole time. If i can suggest i would prefer 2 shorter sessions. The core program is pure gold, and i will go on listening to it every 2 weeks or so...

Thank you shafin, attached to the mail you can find my picture.





Thank you for reading this letter and buying our life changing products. Please share the word around, tell your friends and family about this as well. While I definitely appreciate more business, I become happier when I get a letter saying, “thank you, my life has completely changed for the better. There is no better rush than reading this, trust me on this one!


With you always on the road to success,


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Coach



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