Do This Little Exercise To Get Some

Radical Clarity In Your Life...


What is the outcome you are looking for from this product? Be very clear about it. The more clear you get about what is it that you want, the better results you will get.


The part of our brain that filters information for us is called RAS (Reticular Activating System). It is always on the look out for that which is relevant to us. There is a lot of information on this page alone and unless you are very clear about what is it that you want, all of this will be stuff you will forget in a couple of hours time.


So do this exercise: Please don’t keep reading before you have answered the questions to yourself.  It’s a simple exercise but it can be life changing if you use it right.


In your mind, ask yourself the following questions, one after one. 


  • Right now, I have an opportunity to learn from one of the most comprehensive training programs ever created on romantic relationships, mating psychology, human attraction and what makes a naturally attractive man… What is it that I want to learn from here?


  • What is the problem I want to solve in my life by learning from this training program?


  • How will my life change if I solve this problem permanently? How will my life look like a year – 5 years – 10 years from now, if I solve this problem now?


  • How will I suffer if I keep doing what I have always done and keep getting the same results over and over again? How will my life look like a year – 5 years – 10 years from now, if I keep walking the same road and DON’T solve this problem now?



Good! Have your answers? I hope then you realize that having this part of your life handled can get you a totally new life. Being able to give and receive love in a committed loving relationship can make us feel we are living in paradise.


Even if you are not interested in long term relationships right now, being able to attract the right kind of women into your life effortlessly and being able to have them in your life with honor, dignity and respect is a feeling that no amount of money can buy. This level of success has to come from within. You cannot buy such things.


How Women Are Programmed To Feel Attracted To Certain Men And...

Get Repulsed By The Others


A Life-Changing Breakthrough In Evolutionary Psychology


Most of us when we hear about the theory of evolution, we think Darwin, apes turning into men, and “survival of the fittest”. This whole picture of theory of evolution is flawed common knowledge based on lot of propaganda and biased view points. In reality, the term “survival of the fittest” was not even a concept by Darwin, it was coined by a man called Herbert Spencer.


(You can skip this section if you have already completed The Psychology Of Attraction course.)


Theory of evolution has two parts one of which is...


Natural selection which means... as animals and organisms successfully adapt to changing environments through mutation of their genes, and as they mate and pass on those “fitter” genes, evolution happens. If they cannot adapt, they die. So only the fittest survive.


The other part of theory of evolution is Sexual Selection which says:


Most highly evolved animals including all the great apes and human beings show strong preference to mate with certain members of the species and not the others. Those who offer the best quality genes get to mate the most. Those with mediocre genes get to mate occasionally. Those with lower than average genes find it very hard to mate at all.


Secondly, in most species, males try to mate as much as possible with as many mates as possible. And females try to mate with only the fittest males or the ones that improve her chances of survival and healthy growth of her offspring.


Because it’s hard to tell which animal is carrying the best genes, the males develop all sorts of sexual ornaments that advertise their fitness. One example is the peacocks tail. The fact that a peacock is able to carry such a large and beautifully decorated tail says two things about him:



  • It is a very fit peacock because otherwise it would have been killed by predators by now. And…


  • It has many healthy genes working in the background which enables it to grow such a massive and beautiful tail.


In its race for developing better and better sexual ornaments, a species can take all sorts of interesting turns and evolve in very unusual ways. Sexual selection is fast, unpredictable, colorful and intelligent… 


Now a problem that bothered many scientists for a very long time with human evolution is the question “Why do we humans have such big brains?” 99% of the animals do with much smaller brains and much simpler abilities and they do just fine.


The human brain consumes 15% of our oxygen intake, 25% of metabolic energy and 40% blood glucose. Why did we evolve such an amazingly energy expensive organ that, from a strictly survival point of view, offers little advantage?


It wasn’t until very recently that a lot of interest evolutionary psychology started and scientists such as Geoffrey Miller, Matt Ridley among others found that the answer lies in sexual selection!


We now know through various reputed research findings that our amazing jump in evolution has been primarily due to the fact that somewhere between 2.5 million to 1.5 million years ago our female ancestors in the African savannah began to prefer males who could produce intelligent sounds.


This preference led to development of the brain that handles language, which in turn led to an evolutionary race of developing more and more intelligent brains which could support increasingly complex activities and abilities.


The more intelligent one generation of males became, the choosier the females got, the more intense the competition became between males competing for a chance to mate, which led to even more intelligent males in the next generation, and the whole cycle repeated itself to where we are today.


(Obviously that was an extremely simplified cartoonish version of the history of human evolution, but it captures the gist of it. If you wish to learn more on how this amazing jump in evolution happened, you can sign up for the free video course The Psychology Of Attraction. And needless to say we go into much greater depth into relevant parts of the history of human evolution in the actual "5 Essential Mindsets Of Masculine Man" training program itself.)


Yet as interesting as that discovery is, the most amazing part of all this research has been to the realization that we human beings are hardwired to choose certain types of mates over the others who exhibit certain specific traits, and while for all the other animals, these traits are primarily physical, for human beings, these traits are primarily mental!


It's All So Confusing

What Do Women Want? Really! What Is It?


With all their confusing behaviors and ways of thinking... if you think about it (with a little open minded attitude), all the thanks go to women for it is because the human females preferred brains over brawn, certain specific mental traits over pure physical abilities, we as a race were able to make this amazing jump in evolution!


If all they preferred was big muscles and shiny hair, we’d still be gorillas somewhere in Africa. But they didn’t! They preferred men who could display certain powerful mental abilities that signified higher quality genes.


And over the last 1.5 million years, they have been making this choice consistently, over and over, and pushing the stakes of this game higher and higher and forcing the race as a whole to get more and more intelligent!


The bad news is, 99% of all men will NEVER consciously know what these mental abilities are and forever be penalized through sexual selection for not knowing it. 


The good news is… It's NOT that complicated!


For The First Time In The History Of Mankind,

We Have Pin Pointed What Those Traits Are

That Trigger The Attraction Switches In Women!


Just like a peahen is automatically, helplessly, powerfully attracted to peacock with a big, colorful tail with symmetric patterns… women too are attracted to certain specific mental abilities or mindsets that men exhibit.


Typically when we find ourselves facing a woman who is “way out of our league” (in our minds), our evolutionary mating system goes haywire!


A woman’s mating system is hardwired to intimidate, distract or even repel men who are not likely to offer her superior genes or at the very least equal evolutionary advantages. This is how she has survived over hundreds of thousands of years in very hostile environments.


The higher quality she is, the more hard to get she acts. This is not so much to make potential suitors to go away from her, but to weed out all the weaklings who are unworthy of mating with her. She knows fully well that men of quality will know exactly what to do when they face this “deflection shield”.


Now if you are a man facing this “deflection shield” and unless you are truly grounded, truly a man of high value, you will fail!


Your automatic reactions will give away classic signs of weakness and fear, and she will reject you.


This is the reason, when most men are facing a celebrity or a woman of exceptional beauty, their brains turn into cabbage! They lose their words, they stammer and shake, or generally try to offer whatever token of mating gift they can (example: can I buy you a drink?).


But if you know these specific mindsets that attract women of high quality and learn to communicate them quickly, effectively and powerfully, if you follow certain specific principles and avoid the deadly giveaways of the inauthentic add-ons, you too can become a magnetically attractive man.


Now, obviously there are religious, cultural, social, political, economic and many other issues that play a role in the human mating game. But assuming all those other factors are not in conflict, the human mating psychology boils down to this… 

Women prefer men who display a high level of evolutionary smartness, who is likely to increase her quality of life and also the potential to give her smart and healthy children (and look after them). For modern women, physical beauty or the ability to kill a tiger is a definite plus, but that’s all it is, a plus point, not a primary requirement.

For men, the idea is somewhat similar as above with a strong preference towards women who display higher child bearing (physical looks and health) and rearing (mental disposition) abilities.


Who's Fault Is It That We Keep Attracting

The Wrong Women Over And Over

Getting Tired And Frustrated?


Think about it…


Why do your intimate relationships inevitably begin to develop the same problems as the last one, over and over again? You know its not because all women are illogical and irrational, there is something else happening in the background.


Why is it, that no matter what you do, after a while it seems your girlfriend or wife begins to lose interest on you? Are you still waiting for that “one special person” who will accept you “just the way you are”?


Where did you get this idea that such a person exists at all? Have you seen anyone find a woman like that? Where does this idea come from?


Where did you learn that the first thing you should say to a beautiful woman you want to get to know is “I think you are very beautiful! Can I buy you a drink? Why is that the first thing you have to say? Do you have a picture in your head of a man sending the girl a drink and then wait for her to smile at him invitingly so he can go and say hello?


Where did you get the picture from? Does it really work in real life?


Why do think you feel much more confident sitting at a distance staring at her, hoping she will “smile back at you” – repeatedly – before you go say hello, instead of actually walking up to her and saying hello?


Where in the world did you learn all this behavior patterns that produce no results? Yet trying to break this pattern is like trying to hold a spider when you have mortal fear of spiders. 


How Genetic & Childhood Programming
Works AGAINST Most Men


The answer is… you have been programmed in two ways:


  • You are carrying genetic programs that you inherited from your ancestors who lived in very different circumstances than you (even a hundred years back). It served them well (somewhat) but it is no longer serving you.


  • You have been programmed in the childhood by well meaning parents, teachers, neighbors, older cousins or siblings, TV, movies, comic books and many other sources who all imparted their invaluable wisdom upon you (while they were clueless themselves about what really works).


This is how all these erroneous programming works: it helps to keep you with the majority of the population… mediocre, safe, boring!


And why do the masses want you to remain in that safe-mediocre zone? Because as you will learn in the Core Training module of this program, evolution never happens because the masses of people decide it’s a good way to evolve. Evolution happens because a select few members of the species decide to spearhead the progress in one direction or the other.


Fortunately for these pioneers, evolution rewards them with much higher mating opportunities. Unfortunately for the lazy masses, those who cannot keep up with this jump forward, gets weeded out of the gene pool mercilessly and they die along with their lazy genes.


This is the reason why common wisdom will always mislead you when it comes to making a breakthrough in anything: be it attracting the right woman or making a million dollars with your unique passion.


The second place we get programmed by all this negative programming is the media. The problem with movies and novels is that they are created by some of the most brilliant minds of the world who are also some of the most dysfunctional people when it comes to intimate relationships. Following their advice in romantic relationships is like trying to jump off the 21st floor with a red cape like Superman. And that’s exactly what we do. We try to follow the movies and novels in our personal lives with devastating effects.


What this program will do is help you to naturally override this genetic and childhood programming of supplication and help you to become the person who you were naturally meant to become.


By the time you are finished with this program…


If you are single... you will automatically begin to convey (through action and very indirect words and never directly with empty bravado):

I am a superior masculine man. Qualify yourself first before I even consider you as potential mate. Cost of us mating is very high for both you and me and even though most men would jump in the fire to impress you, that man is not me. So go ahead and qualify yourself first so I can decide whether you are worth my time and energy at all.

If you are in a committed relationship... you will learn the invaluable mindsets that not only spark powerful attraction right in the beginning, but keep it growing as the days pass. Long term relationships are not meant to turn into “friendships” or “partnerships of convenience” after a few years. It is meant grow deeper and deeper into the most passionate, fulfilling, nurturing, loving relationship they can't even show you on the movies.


If you are in a relationship that’s in trouble... you will learn how to quickly turn it around by decoding why your woman is frustrated and specifically what to do about it. You will learn how to pin point her dominant need structure. Once you begin to fulfill dominant needs constantly, she can literally get addicted to you. You will hear question and answers about real people who were on the brink of divorce, and learn how to turn around even impossible situations like that into loving passionate relationships.


If your partner has left you and you want her back... you will learn how to make her start feeling powerful attraction towards you again. You will get step by step instructions on what to do, how to communicate, how to stay away from deadly mistakes that will make her run from you faster than can imagine. You will learn how to make her change her mind within weeks.   


How To Become The Center Of The Universe For Her

Right From The Start And Remain That Way Forever:

Even If You Are In a 20 Year Old Relationship!

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Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

~ Anaïs Nin


Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) a French-born novelist, passionate eroticist and short story writer. She is regarded as one of the leading women writers of the 20th-century.



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