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Hello & Welcome!


Allow me to quickly introduce myself to you. My name is Shafin de Zane. I am the author of "Redefine Your Reality" and also a professional hypnotist (yes a real one, not the kind on the stage making a mickey out of people, but the kind that heals almost incurable and unusual mind problems). If you haven't heard of me before, you can see a bit of my work and reputation here.


Now that the introduction is out of the way, allow me to tell you the strange story of how it all changed for me...

This is the incredible but true story of how a poor man from South Asia turned into an internationally acclaimed author, changed over 100,000 lives around the world, all within the span of mere 3 years.


This is also the story of how I ended up working with underground seduction gurus, world famous relationship coaches and notorious pickup artists who specialize in mind control methods so powerful, it would be declared illegal, if common people knew about it.


This is a story of magic, miracles and truths that are so strange, no fiction can ever come close to it... This is the story of my awakening. And today I will share it with you...


It all begins on a warm summer evening back in 2004 when I got dumped in the most horrible way by the girl I was then dating. Let's call her Sue. I met Sue through a common friend and instantly got smitten by her glamour and charm. She was that woman who walks into a room and instantly all the men begin to straighten up and tries to look macho and cool.


I somehow managed to seduce Sue with a combination of total milking-cow like behavior and single minded focus on trying to impress her. For some reason she gave in, BUT she managed dictate the terms of the relationship in whatever way that tickled her fancy.


Sometimes she'd be all nice to me, sometimes she'd sleepover at my place, sometimes she'd flirt shamelessly with any guy she liked right in front of me, and sometimes she would act like we are about to get married next week.


Anyway long story short, since I was being the perfect weak wimpy wuss with lots of money, I conveniently managed to lose nearly $100,000 in less than 7 months time I was with Sue and wreck my own business too.


I believe I would still ruin my life even more unless Sue decided one evening to make out with a guy in the middle of a club right in front of me. Even for the wuss that I was back then, it was too much to take. I tried to force her into leaving the guy and she did what all self respecting woman should do: she dumped me right in front of all my friends, and went home with the other guy.


I was devastated, to say the least. I was heartbroken, my bank account was a wreck and I never felt more humiliated in my life. Yet as it is one of my strongest qualities, whenever something bad happens, I stop to ask what is it about me that caused this situation to occur?


I kept asking that question and although no blinding flash of insight came, over the next couple of months I found certain teachers to start a journey that would change my life forever.


When You Got Nothing More To Lose,
Life Can Suddenly Make A U-Turn


The first teacher I met was a man who went by the name Jack Strange. If there was a true science of how to seduce women, this man would be a Nobel Prize winner, no doubt. He was a mad scientist cum Casanova who single handedly created an underground community that focused on one thing: how to get laid.


Over the next 2 years or so under the tutelage of Strange, I learned techniques and mind control methods that would appear like magic in the eyes of an ordinary man.


In matter of few months from the day I got dumped by Sue, I was dating 4 different women at the same time. Almost overnight I became one those guys who are not only known by all the bouncers because he walks in with different women every night, but even the club owners knew me, since I frequented their joints so often. It was an amazing time and now that I look back at it... totally juvenile!


What I didn't realize back then is that I had a really low self esteem and this entire seducing one woman after the other was nothing but me trying to hide from the pain within that haunted me day and night.


Obviously none of these relationships stuck as the women felt used like objects and I imagine I was too superficial and self absorbed for anything meaningful.


As the days passed, I was getting even more unfulfilled than the day before, until I met Sara.


Sara was a girl who was totally unlike any of the other women I was dating at the time. She was sweet, sensitive, caring, with a wicked sense of humor. We got along really well and for the first time since that Sue episode I the bar, I felt that I could fall in love again.


Things were going really great until one day Sara and I went to this club where I frequented a lot. We were hanging out having fun when this woman I went out with for a couple of days came and said hello to me. I said hello back being all nice and friendly and introduced Sara to her as my girlfriend. What she said in return is something I'll never forget.


In a bitchy voice, she said "Oh, this is your chick of the week huh?"


The look on Sara's face was so painful that I couldn't even speak to her. We walked out of the bar and I never heard back from her. In an email she sent me later explained she didn't want to be emotionally committed to someone who had a reputation as mine.  


I was so embarrassed that I didn't even try to explain my side of the story, which would be pretty lame to begin with. However this episode seriously made me question the purpose of this entire exercise of seducing one woman after the other.


Why was I doing this? I was obviously not getting happier. I was drinking more than ever. I couldn't keep any of the women I dated and I got a reputation that no descent women wanted to be a part of. So what was the point of this Casanova life style?


Once again I began searching inwards. I stopped going out every night, stopped taking calls from the women who wanted to go out with me, stopped drinking and stopped hanging out with friends whose lives revolved around those things. I knew no lasting happiness or fulfillment could come from this road and I had to get out of it as soon as possible.


What An Enormous Tapestry Of Events Connect The Birth Of A Single Action That Changes Thousands Of Lives...


In the winter of 2005, I met my teacher in the world of hypnotherapy, Cal Banyan, and my whole world turned upside down. Through the process of self hypnosis and in my journey of getting a professional license in hypnotherapy, I went through the biggest healing period of my life.


The process was tremendously painful and on and off lasted more than 6 months time, during which time I ran away, came back, ran away again and so on. Yet by the end of the healing process, the person that emerged from inside me was so different that I couldn't even recognize myself!


Somehow from deep within me, the very need to smoke, drink, party all night and surround myself with many women all the time had just disappeared.


I never said "Okay I quit smoking". I never promised to anyone that I'd never drink again. I very well did not say "I'm going to date women anymore and turn into a monk".


Nothing of the sort happened yet somehow I just didn’t feel like indulging in any of those any more. The only thing I entirely quit was smoking and never touched a cigarette again. I stopped drinking regularly and only had an occasional drink when I was celebrating something. And I began a relationship sometime around the summer of 2006 who I am still with till today.


In the next few years, I embarked upon the greatest adventure of my life. Many teachers arrived, I wrote my book Redefine Your Reality, taught tens of thousands of people around the world on inner healing and personal success, created a simple lifestyle of freedom and pursuit for knowledge, and finally devoted myself entirely in the field of spiritual awakening.



Little did I know that life has some other plans with me and I'd have to make a full circle back to where I started, before this story made complete sense. What an enormous tapestry of events connect the birth of a single action that changes thousands of lives!


(If you want to know the full story of what happened next and what brought me here today, you can sign up for the free video course Psychology Of Attraction where I cover the whole story. But it's not necessary for now.)


Anyway, the reason I just told you the story is to make sure you understand that my own journey has been anything but smooth. I know how it feels to be dumped in the most humiliating way, I know how it feels like making the dumbest of the mistakes with women, I have seen the underground worlds pickup artists, professional seducers, people who practice covert mind control methods, and I can tell you this quite frankly...

There is a much better way! If you are in a part of life where you need to prove your masculinity to others by getting laid every night with a different woman, this is probably not the right program for you.

But if you wish to awaken the inner man who is not only magnetically attractive to the right kind of women, but also a leader of men who is followed by other men like an elder brother, this is the right place for you.

This program will turn you into that man who, in a relationship, naturally gets total devotion, admiration and respect not only from his own intimate partner, but also her friends and family.

Rejection, loneliness and fear of losing her to the other guy will be a thing of yesterday, a memory from the distant past. On this new journey, you will become a Hero on a mission. A magnetically attractive man!

So if you think this is the right program for you, let us move forward...

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"Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke


Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) is considered one of the German language's greatest 20th century poets.


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